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Molten gold shard diamond pendant necklace

Molten gold shard diamond pendant necklace

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Necklace with one of a kind molten, double sided diamond pendant. Layers of gold shards hold two kite shaped rose cut salt and pepper diamonds - one on each side of the pendant. The shards are reminiscent of layers of stone compacted over millions of years. It is now time to add your history to the piece.

Both necklace and pendant are made from solid, 18k yellow gold. The molten gold settings on each side of the pendant are framing and backing each salt and pepper diamond to showcase their unique colour play and lend them a golden sheen. The shape of the bails add some minimal calm.

Wear individually everyday or layered for impact with other pendant necklaces to show off a variety of gold and diamond formations. 


Length of necklace: 45cm

Gems: rose cut kite shape diamonds 

Approx. 5.25 x 3.35 (larger diamond), 4.20 x 3mm (smaller diamond)

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