Care instructions

Jewellery aftercare

It is essential that all jewellery is removed when doing manual work such as cleaning or DYI, going into a pool or coming into contact with other chemicals.

Bumps can knock stones out of place or damage them while cleaning products and chlorine erode your precious metals.

The colour and texture of your pieces will change over time depending on use and the environment. Silver is prone to oxidise on some people with a specific Ph-balance, especially in hot weather. VON W FINE JEWELLERY is made to become and change with you, including colour and texture. A silver cleaning cloth, however, will easily remove any oxides. You may also find our blog post about patina informative. 

All matte and textured metals will eventually become shinier and display a natural polished effect with wear. This is part of the jewel charting your becoming and will serve as a reflection on change, however we can return the metal to matte again for you if you so wish.

We take great pride in the craftsmanship and quality of our jewellery and want the pieces to be heirlooms for generations. We are also dedicated to helping you keep your VON W jewels in tip-top condition, and we offer the following conditioning and general repairs:

We are honoured to be part of your becoming when you purchase your engagement ring from us. We offer complimentary setting checks and a deep clean service on all engagement rings. Please contact us to take advantage of this and note that items will need to be sent securely via Royal Mail Special Delivery and adequately ensured. We are not responsible for any loss.

Stone settings can move and loosen over time and with regular wear. We recommend you check your settings every 6 months to a year. Your jewel should be returned to us for an inspection if you do notice any movement. Utmost care has been taken to set stones securely however VON W JEWELLERY is not responsible for the loss of stones after purchase. Please note that due to the unique nature of most of our stones, we cannot guarantee an identical replacement for any lost stones, though we will endeavour to find as similar a match as possible.

Please see above for ring resizing information. Eternity bands cannot be resized.

We design jewellery to be worn for a lifetime and beyond, but naturally the precious materials that we work with can wear over time. We offer a repair service which is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Please get in touch for further information.

Any other alterations are assessed on a case-by-case basis.