| become |
Heraclitus noted that you cannot step into the same river twice, because neither is it the same river, nor are you the same (hu)man. 
So we are forever becoming with the world around us, and I want my pieces to incorporate the signs of everyday wear like a canvas for your life story.
VON W FINE JEWELLERY is handcrafted in the UK from recycled metal in a small studio. Many pieces are one of a kind. The shapes and textures created by the fire bear the visible signs of their becoming and each is piece has been made to change over time with you. 
Contemplating the river on a break from a run
The maker Alexandra contemplating the river after a run
| bequeath |
Your heirloom will naturally gain texture, polish or oxidate over the course of a lifetime. Each event will become part of your story captured in your piece. When it is time to bequeath it, it will carry your story, before the next generation will add traces of theirs.
Gold is also a security. For humans across the world, precious pieces have helped them gain safe passage, survive displacement, avert violence and feed dependents for centuries. VON W FINE JEWELLERY follows in the tradition of giving you a beautiful, wearable safety net made from recycled precious metal.
Legacy, however, is about much more than the individual: All our metal is recycled and so are some of the gemstones. Others stem from dealers with clear ethics policies. The packaging is FSC certified, the workshop increasingly boasts inherited and adapted tools and daily travel is by bike and public transport.
Sustainability and ethical practices are a continuum, and we are forever striving to implement the best possible practices.
To support those affected by conflict and natural disasters, VON W FINE JEWELLERY regularly donates part of the profits to Amnesty, DEC and other charities.
| behold |
Influenced by the rawness of 1990s Berlin underground culture set in disused power stations and warehouses as much as the fine white textures of matte biscuit porcelain of 1970s Rosenthal vases, our precious pieces deliberately bear the marks of their process and fervently reject polished perfection. From their conception, they have had the air of being part of our history and invite contemplation on the river into which we cannot step twice.
Alexandra at the bench