Heirlooms to tell your story

I am Alexandra, the designer-maker of VON W FINE JEWELLERY. My jewels are a blazing celebration of raw, precious beauty and human imperfection. They are also collectors of memories. 

My deconstructed style and experimental process were forged in the abandoned buildings of post Cold War 1990s Berlin, where creativity soared and humans had the freedom to become themselves. The eroded fabric of those spaces that gave birth to unencumbered ideas and new identities is therefore quintessential to my signature style: It is as much reflected in the jewels’ nocturnal diamonds as it is rendered in my jagged shapes and textures.

Just like the buildings and people of Berlin reinvent themselves every day, my work in recycled 18 carat gold itself epitomises that opportunity in flux: Gold is endlessly repurposable, amalgamating in its essence the stories of humans, places and uses of generations past & future. 

Designed and handmade in my studio in the UK, I am a proponent of the slow jewellery movement, consistently aiming to minimise environmental impact.

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