With each new piece, Alexandra creates a blazing celebration of human imperfection. Forged in the raw and inclusive clubs of post Cold War 1990s Berlin, her deconstructed style as well as her design approach are uncompromising:

Her practice is guided by an intuitive process letting the recycled metal and the fire determine the shapes and surfaces of her pieces. She responds to the raw designs by adapting, texturing and often setting with recycled or salt and pepper diamonds, curating and showcasing their beautiful imperfections as an allegory on us human beings. 

By embracing new marks over time, her treasures become objects of reflection and your own story telling. When you bequeath your piece to the next generation, it will layer and enmesh their story with yours and on through the ages. 

Designed and handmade in her small studio in the UK, she is a proponent of the slow jewellery movement, consistently aiming to minimise environmental impact. 


... your own piece of VON W FINE JEWELLERY

Gold | Gold vermeil | sterling silver

Molten bangle

A true work of the fire, where the flames took control and created this piece in all its beauty. It invites you to stop, notice and reflect on its undulations, varying textures and light reflections, to feel connected to the power that created it - fire.

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Recycled gold

Molten gold diamond studs

Small salt and pepper diamonds enveloped in molten yellow gold settings. Each stud has become an individual in the flames and embraces each rose cut gem in their own organic way. These everyday studs are each as unique as you are.

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Recycled gold | recycled diamonds

Starburst diamond amulet

This starburst amulet is a reminder of the powers of the universe: The precious metal molten, shaped and textured in the fire and the carbon formed under immense pressure by the earth into beautiful stones. The amulet itself resembles a starry sky with its small gems in star settings.

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