Where can I see and try on VON W JEWELLERY?

From London, we can be reached conveniently from the Western end of the Elizabeth Line. We are based in South Oxfordshire, not far from Pangbourne Station and have appointment slots every other Friday. You can contact us to make an appointment.

Alternatively, you can find the maker behind VON W JEWELLERY, Alexandra Cardinal von Widdern, at Oxfordshire Artweeks in May and at Goring Craft Fair in November each year.

Follow us on Instagram @vonwjewellery for updates and contact us in advance if you wish to meet us and try on a particular piece, as not all pieces may feature in each show.


When will I be able to wear my piece?

Many of our pieces are handmade and one of a kind. They are determined by how the metal responds to the flames in our workshop before undergoing design and technical work.

Ready to ship pieces will usually ship the next day and certainly within three working days.

Customised pieces depend on the complexity of the work needed and the lead times of potential external agents.

Made to order pieces can take up to 8 weeks, depending on the complexity of the work and the lead times of external agents involved for aspects such as casting, engraving, hallmarking etc.

Bespoke pieces can take around 12 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and the work and the lead times of external agents involved for aspects such as casting, engraving, hallmarking etc.


Can I wear my jewellery during exercise?

While our jewellery is built to last and change with you over time, you do need to take care of it.

No jewellery should ever enter a swimming pool, as chlorine and bleach destroy your metal, which can in turn lead to your precious stones falling out of their porous settings. It also leads to oxidation.

Necklaces should not be worn during exercise, during extensive movement or in bed as they can catch and tear.

Diamonds are hard but can be chipped or break when they receive a bump or a hit.

Therefore, the best advice is to take off all jewellery when exercising or doing anything else that requires extensive movement, could cause possible collision with objects, tearing or contact with chemicals.


How do I fit my ear cuff?











When an ear cuff is well fitted, you should not lose it. It should fit snugly without pinching over time. Depending on the size and shape of your ear, it is important that you choose the right size. Small is for dainty ears, medium is more suitable for average sized ears of taller or broader humans.

You can adjust your ear cuff over the conical end of items such as a Sharpie pen end by threading it on and gently pushing the ends together or stretch them apart slightly.

Do note that adjusted ear cuffs are exempt from returns, exchanges and refunds.

Please see our Instagram video @vonwjewellery on how to fix your ear cuff.


Do you also work in silver?

Yes, VON W JEWELLERY does also have pieces in silver and is currently working on a deconstructed collection in blackened silver and gold.

Please contact us for commissions in silver.


My metal has oxidised - what do I do?

It is completely normal for metal to oxidise. In fact, at VON W JEWELLERY, we are particularly excited about this, as it is one way in which your jewellery ‘becomes’ with you and changes over time, making it even more unique to you.

The oxidation of metal alloys is natural process when they come into contact with oxygen or other chemicals. Especially in summer when we perspire more, a piece may oxidise within hours of wearing. Cleaning products, perfume, body lotions, medication, glue in storage boxes, your body’s own Ph-balance and many other factors can also cause a change in colour.

Do not worry, oxides can be removed with silver or gold cleaning cloths. It is also most likely to disappear again with wear and colder seasons.

How can I work out my ring size?

There are various ways of working out your ring size but only a select few are truly reliable. As you probably don’t want to part with your jewel again after receiving it, and most jewellers including VON W only resize a ring once free of charge, it is important to get it right first time.

The most fool proof way is to get a jeweller to establish your ring size. Ensure sizing takes place at the end of the day and with cold fingers.

If you contact us with your details, we can also send you a plastic ring sizer free of charge.

Use a ring sizer and ensure your ring fits snugly but also passes over the knuckle. Very wide rings will likely need to be half a size larger.